Problems faced by working-class queers

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are more likely to experience intolerance, discrimination,harassment and the threat of violence due to their sexual orientation,than those that identify themselves as heterosexual. This is due to homophobia (the fear or hatred of homosexuality).Some of the factors that may reinforce homophobia on a larger scale are moral, religious and political beliefs of a dominant group. Add on to which in some countries, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by fines,imprisonment,life imprisonment and even the death penalty. 

There are many reasons due to which,we see less representation of LGBTQ,not only in daily life but in working sphere as well. 

1)Bunch of Questions : LGBTQ students and workers are subjected to unnecessary and unrelated question in the work space and that too during work hour which in a way acts as a policy of segregating them from other workers. 

2)Problems of terminology:This is the main-deep rooted problem faced by working class queer.Problems in language occur when terminology is unclear or when terminology has

been associated with negative stereotypes.Problems occur in language concerning lesbians,gay men and 

bisexual persons when the language is too vague or the concepts are poorly defined.The term homosexuality has been associated in the past with deviance, mental illness, and criminal behavior and these negative stereotype which is directly proportional to the hurtful questions being asked from the working queer.These questions not only deviate an individual from the basic goal but also affect the mental and emotional health. 

3)Legal Injustice: LGBT people are particularly vulnerable to police misconduct and abuse; transgender people are also at greater risk of being targeted by official head and co-workers and treated inappropriately or abusively.The queer body has acquired an unforeseen vulnerability than ever before due to the same reason. 

4)Poor economic condition and discrimination in workplace: In addition to homophobia, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people confront racism and poverty on a daily basis. Discrimination of LGBT persons in the workplace is a significant factor in the differences in socioeconomic status for LGBT persons. Gay and transgender individuals suffer from socioeconomic inequalities in large part due to pervasive discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination directly causes job instability and high turnover, resulting in greater unemployment and poverty rates for gay and transgender people, as well as the wage gap between gay and straight 

5)Pressure to fit in the work culture: Mentally and physically there is a constant pressure on the LGBTQ person to fit in the given environment,certain dress code. 

Mathew(changed name) says that being a gay she has to be very considerate about what to wear during an interview,as wearing too much of pink according to societal norms might question her identity and furthermore can disqualify her due to the same. 

6)Lack of alternative ways to view “differentness” : Workplace often fails to acknowledge and appreciate the difference.The environment is not queer friendly rather demotivating and differentiating between individuals. 

7)Lack of access to role model:LGBTQ person don’t even have an access to role model,to take inspiration from in workspace and that is demotivating in a way cause there’s no one to look upto during bad times. 

8)Victim or Homophobic culture at workplace: Living in a homophobic environment forces many LGBT people to conceal their sexuality, for fear of the negative reactions and consequences of coming out.Negative feelings or attitudes towards non-heterosexual behaviour, identity, relationships and community, can lead to homophobic behavior and this is the root of the discrimination experienced by many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.Homophobia manifests itself in different forms, for example homophobic jokes, physical attacks,discrimination in the workplace and negative media representation.For people who have been brought up to believe that homosexuality is wrong, the realisation that they might be gay can cause feelings of shame and self loathing, leading to low self-esteem. Suppressing homosexuality involves denying an important part of a person’s identity, and can have a serious impact upon their life and 

relationships.Furthermore,the dilemma of

whether to “come out” or not can cause a great deal of personal distress 

9)Harrasment at work place :Transgender workers are subject to different types of harassment than LGBT workers. This includes bathroom accessibility, being deliberately referred to by incorrect pronouns, and having to tolerate inappropriate questions, which can lead to employee disengagement and avoidance. 

10)No growth,no achievements,no opportunities : One-fifth (20%) of LGBTQ Americans have experienced discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity when applying for jobs,22% of LGBTQ Americans have not been paid equally or promoted at the same rate as their peers 

Lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender (LGBT) people face tremendous difficulties growing up in a society where heterosexuality is often presented as the only acceptable orientation and homosexuality is regarded as deviant. They continue to face discrimination and exclusion across the world in all spheres of life. Homophobic violence and abuse targeting LGBT people occur on a regular basis. 

References: Chatterjee Subhrajit 

Researcher, Dept. of Sociology (The University of Burdwan) and Teacher (Sociology ), Usatpur S. High School, 

East Medinipur, W.B., India 

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