Know Your AIQA- Taufique Nadim

Hiii, This is Taufique Nadim. I’m 23 years old and I’m bisexual. I’m from Hyderabad. I identify myself as a queer Sometimes I feel attracted to Boys and sometimes I feel attracted to girls. When article 377 scrapped I was so happy and I was celebrating by a FB post. Because at that time I was travelling by train and I got this message. When I reached my university where I did my diploma, people criticized my orientation on the basis of their religious views. They didn’t try to hear me that what is my sexuality. I avoided confrontations and I never shared to anyone about how I felt because I thought nobody will understand. Because everybody believes in patriarchy and religious system, I often get mocked. Even I choose to stay closeted to my family because I am scared that if they will know I am Queer and Atheist then how will they react. I told them I’m going to follow my passion and move to Hyderabad. They were unhappy that why I’m doing this and left my engineering. I met my dearest friend, who is a volunteer at the Queer Muslim Project. He is also bisexual and Queer Muslim. Then I thought he is the person to whom I can share about myself. AIQA is my second platform where I feel safe about myself and can discuss my sexuality. I am proud to say I am Queer.