Meet Our Team

  1. Meghna Mehra (Founder of AIQA & National EC Member) – Author of the book Marriage Of Convenience, Ghost From The Revolutionary Past. Asexual Student Leader

2. Sujitha (National EC Member) is a passionate artist based in Mumbai. They are enby panromantic pansexual. They love memes and making new friends.

3. Rajan Negi (National EC Member) identifies as gay and is currently a media student in Mumbai.

4. Shikhar (National EC Member) is a queer enby graphic designer, illustrator and writer with a degree in architecture.

5. Vinay is a queer androgynous boy, a hotelier, student of hospitality, writer and a performer.

6. Dhwani Tripathi is a cis gender lesbian and a mass media student in Mumbai. They are a leader in AIQA Mumbai

7. My name is Renbeni Tungoe ( She/her). I identify as Pansexual. I’m 19, an Arts Student from Kohima, Nagaland.
My hobbies include writing poems, singing, composing, painting and journaling.

My ultimate goal is to expand and spread awareness about the queer community in the State and create a friendly and safe environment for the same.

8. Akash, National President 2022-2023

9. Vishal Rout, Hyderabad Incharge and Delhi President 2022-2023

10. Bhartendu Vimal Dubey, UP President 2022-23

11. Deepen, Mumbai Secretary 2022-2023