Meet Our Team - AIQA

Meet Our Team

  1. Meghna Mehra (Founder of AIQA) – Author of the book Marriage Of Convenience, Ghost From The Revolutionary Past. Asexual Student Leader

2. Sujitha (National EC Member) is a passionate artist based in Mumbai. They are enby panromantic pansexual. They love memes and making new friends.

3. Rajan Negi (National EC Member) identifies as gay and is currently a media student in Mumbai.

4. Shikhar (National EC Member) is a queer enby graphic designer, illustrator and writer with a degree in architecture.

5. Vinay is a queer androgynous boy, a hotelier, student of hospitality, writer and a performer.

6. Dhwani Tripathi is a cis gender lesbian and a mass media student in Mumbai. They are a leader in AIQA Mumbai