5 way in which you can make life easier of trans folks

By Meghna Mehra

Today is trans day of visibility. In India, Trans community is known as different names. The struggle of Trans and gender non binary people is worth admiring and supporting. The community have existed since the ancient time and have faced discrimination a lot.

If you have a trans friend or is an ally, you need to keep these 5 things in mind to make their lives easier-

  1. Use their preferred pronouns- Pronouns are an essential part of a person’s identity. One should ask pronouns of Trans persons, gender non binary people. Assuming a pronoun and using it could be detrimental to the person.
  2. Call them by the name chosen by them- Don’t try to force a person’s birth name. If they have chosen a name for themselves, it matters a lot. Their chosen name defines who they are and they have a right to be addressed by their chosen name.
  3. Support them when they face discrimination- Be it a friend or an unknown person facing discrimination, stand by them. It could be in workplace, school or any other place. Tell them that they matter and they deserve respect.
  4. Stand up against any bullying or misbehavior done to them- Bullying is one of the most severe form of harassment done to them which often leads to further violence towards them. Call out the abusers without fear and support the victim.
  5. Be a good listener and support them in every possible way- Many of them are still struggling for transition, facing isolation, fearing abandonment, harassment, etc. The best way to support them is by listening to them.