Being in Quarantine

By Rizwan

Picture Credit: Flickr – pinno4io

Once in a Nightmare
Nightmare where no people around-wrong
Nightmare where no voices or sound-wrong
Nightmare where no one to guide about-wrong
A nightmare where people gather around with more & more voices or sound
Voices that guide or advice that being sugar-coated but still has smell of prejudice that will bound
A nightmare where i can see WALL OF SHAME,constructing by the worker which think we are insane
wall that made up of cement of taunts and brick of boundaries which complete their game.
A game of mental strength,ready to haunt us at every end
Discriminating for being ourself
Bullying for being different
Where Hypocrisy and Irony at it’s peak
As the society which made us to learn to be a member of herd of sheep that looks,sound or behave as clones and taunt us for not being different to achieve something alone.
The word – DIFFERENT
Now i am behind the same boundaries and seeing the wall constructing slowly which make me feel how it’s feel to be Anarkali for instance.
For being Jew in Hilter’s Reigns.
Home where you feel safest & secured but now I am in 1945 in Germany in a Gas chambers front of Fascist soldiers with their mouth acts a Gun and words being bullet penetrating my skull rewinding it to Suicidal track to sung.
The track that being played in a DIFFERENT person like US twice with a repeat telecast unlike so called straight.
The organizer of this game which make Rule,programme and command to diminish our existance.
The game which denies us  as a player again and again.
Here we are !!! confident
Ready to rebel against the wall facing everything what it takes from the blood in the vein to the torture that pains
Making you literate and the knowledge that had fade by remembering you to RIGVED
विकृति एवम् प्रकृति  – Loudly and proudly
which translate as “The differences in the nature are also part of the nature”
So bringing you again to the word
DIFFERENT – to think again