Stories of Community – Bhuwan Kakkar

Divinity resides in all of us.

Little do we realize how divine some relationships can be~

“I am giving you this obstacle to transform and uplift you beautifully,” said the Universe.

Bollywood movies often reflect reality, and the story of this Krishna follower certainly does. Bhuwan Kakkar, a jolly human by nature, a manager by profession, and a true devotee of God, shares his inspiring journey of being a “Proud Open Gay.”

“My mother and grandmother accompany me to clubs, gay parties, and PRIDE events,” says the chill brat. As a child, Bhuwan loved wearing his mom’s lipstick, bindi, and nail paint, and enjoyed draping saris on his mom. Hailing from Amritsar, Punjab, he shares, “Acceptance is not an easy task. Society comes later, but first, we need to accept ourselves.”

Bhuwan’s journey of self-discovery began in his childhood. “I realized who I was when I started liking my childhood best friend in 8th grade. Many of my classmates teased me for being so dressed up. I wore rings, watches, and had a tip-top hairstyle.”

At the beginning of 9th grade, Bhuwan revealed to his mother that he felt different. “Being an Educated individual , she counseled me. She was shocked and told my dad. After that, there was no talking about that topic, ever.”

In 12th grade, Bhuwan came home one day to find his big, fat Punjabi family and his best friend’s parents waiting for him. “Except for my mom and grandma, everyone started verbally abusing me. They had found out about us being together.”

Despite the family’s disapproval, Bhuwan and his best friend continued their 90s love story, communicating through Facebook and exchanging love letters.

Then, life changed dramatically for Bhuwan. “On September 5, 2015, my best friend passed away on my birthday. He had been suffering from a brain tumor. The next day, I had a heart attack and fell into a coma for the next three months.”

Bhuwan was reborn on November 30. “It was an unpredictable time that transformed me and my family completely.”

While Bhuwan was in a coma, his family researched LGBTQ issues extensively. “They knew things that even I didn’t know. They said, ‘While you were in a coma, we made sure to understand everything about you so that when you woke up, you wouldn’t feel different among us.'”

Bhuwan emerged from this traumatic period stronger and more determined. He became a happy-go-lucky, blessed beyond measure, openly gay man who believes in accepting and changing himself for the better. “There are days when I experience anxiety and panic attacks due to past trauma, but it doesn’t stop me from spreading happiness around.”

After overcoming the dramatic episodes of life as an LGBTQ person, Bhuwan transformed into a more empowered human being and an active advocate for the LGBTQ community. He currently works as a Growth & Experiences Mastermind in a firm professionally, and above that, he dedicates himself to the community in many ways.

Bhuwan is a volunteer and social media manager for Delhi Queer Spaces, a well-known group in Delhi that provides a safe space for both allies and queer individuals. He also supports BAC, an animal support group that provides shelter, medical facilities, and food to animals, and AAsra, an organization that aids sexually harassed individuals and acid attack victims by providing food, shelter, and medical facilities.

Bhuwan’s advocacy and contributions to the LGBTQ community have been recognized by many brands. He has been featured in collaborations with Swiss Military, Nivea, Nykaa, Manforce, Mamaearth, McCaffeine, UberEats, Foodpanda, and many more.

“Working for the LGBTQ community is my main focus,” says Bhuwan. “I want everyone to live and marry by their own choice, not by anyone else’s dictate.”

Bhuwan’s story is a testament to the power of self-acceptance and the strength of family support. His journey from a child discovering his identity to a proud and active advocate for the LGBTQ community is truly inspiring. Despite facing significant challenges and trauma, Bhuwan continues to spread happiness and work tirelessly for the betterment of others.

His life is a vivid example of how obstacles can be transformed into opportunities for growth and upliftment. Bhuwan’s dedication to his own betterment and the well-being of others serves as a powerful reminder that divinity resides in all of us, and that with acceptance and love, we can overcome any challenge.

Bhuwan’s journey is not just his own; it is a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless others who face similar struggles. By sharing his story, Bhuwan encourages everyone to embrace their true selves, fight for their rights, and create a world where love and acceptance prevail.

As Bhuwan continues to advocate for the LGBTQ community and support various causes, he exemplifies the divine potential within us all. His story is a call to action for everyone to stand up for their beliefs, support one another, and live authentically.

Images and article via Bhuwan Kakkar