माना कि हम अलग है, पर किसी से कम नहीं

By Vinay

माना कि हम अलग है, पर किसी से कम नहीं,
आए है हम वहीं से , जहां से आए हो तुम सभी!

छोड़ दो ये रूठना ,ठुकराना बस एक बार अपना कर तो देखो ,
आयने की तरह वही प्यार और अपनापन लौटाएंगे हम तुमको!

The ones who have always been treated as secondary in this society today, stand alone amidst this pandemic, feeding people with their own savings, jinhe shayad khud kisi din ik waqt ki roti naseeb nhi hoti , doing it for the people and the society which hardly accepted them.

The group of Trans folks in baraily Uttar Pradesh, helping migrants with all necessary needs, know the importance of not having food and shelter and being homeless, they understand the pain of starving for days and that makes them a better human being , with there humanity here we have them serving the society which hardly served them.

An epitome of pride on this beautiful day of trans visibility we salute u
All we need is a treatment of human, and we all can be one.

इंसानियत का नया स्वरूप