The Quarantined Queer Experience – Part 1

By Rajan Negi

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Quarantine, and Staying at home is not fun or easy for everyone as we think it is. There are things which we don’t see is Queer Folks in lockdown with their families who misgender themabuse them,name calling closeted folks, it’s really a tough time.

For me the most difficult part of this quarantine is personal space. As I am quarantined with my family, my mom and dad.There is no concept of Personal space in my house, my parents will call my name once in every 10 mins which pisses me off, also my dad is pro right winger and Islamophobic  which makes it more difficult for me to adjust with him.

All the time there is news going on the television , and there will be tension in the house. Though I tried to not indulge in any argument with him, but also I can’t just see him saying words to the other communities.

Now I am staying away from my house for 2 years and I started experimenting with my lifestyle and my clothing which again become a problem, because for my dad I dress up like a Girl or a Slut which again triggers a tons of anxiety.

The difficult part is dealing with anxiety and keeping a straight face in front of my parents. But now I have started taking breaks and maintaining distance from them in a good way, so that it won’t affect me much. I started reading so that they don’t disturb me, also I have started writing my journal daily. So yeah I understand it’s a tough time for everyone but it shall pass too we have to keep ourselves safe, and balance our mental health.