All India Queer Association (AIQA) is a queer youth organization that strives to work for the collective liberation of various social groups. AIQA is a feminist, socialist, and ambedkarite organization; We firmly believe in the principles of justice, equality, fraternity, freedom, and liberty.

AIQA seeks to end the exploitation and oppression of all social groups by unionizing and fighting various forms of social evils. We plan to achieve these goals through educational campaigning and committed participation in democratic and representative processes. Aside from representing the interests of queer youth by participating in demonstrations and protests, AIQA will also organize spoken word events, workshops, and discussion panels to raise awareness amongst the uninitiated.

We dream of a world where discrimination based on caste, class, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race does not exist. By committing to this dream, we endeavor to do everything within our power to extend our solidarity to movements of the oppressed, ensure the protection of the interests and democratic rights of minorities and oppressed peoples.