Know your AIQA – Anuja Razdan

Hi! My name is Anuja Razdan, and I identify as bisexual. Preferred pronouns: she/her

I’m a 20yo hedonist, and currently pursuing psychology. I look forward to being a psychotherapist/counsellor, and I always look for the good in others. 

I remained closeted for a long time, mostly because it was hard for me to figure out myself. Back in high school, I realized that a lot of people around me had a very toxic thought process about homosexuality, bisexuality, and the community in general. This made me difficult to accept my own self and completely neglect my feelings for the same gender as mine. It’s been very hard, but now when I look back I realize how important emotional and social support is, for us, humans to accept ourselves the way we are.
Today, I do face toxic remarks but I have learned to not care because I accept myself, my sexuality and love myself. I believe that everything that happens to you always is associated with some lesson. How well you can understand that, is what makes you better, or brings you down.
The reason why I joined AIQA is that I feel and understand all those individuals who’re constantly struggling, with societal demands, normative influences, and not being able to accept themselves. I feel that AIQA is a home, for all those who want to feel that they belong here, they’re valid, and that they should accept themselves the way they are. Also, I want to, as a member, reach out to the people who have been treated unequally, inhumanely, and help them, support them. 
I do believe that all of us deserve love, care and affection. And that nobody is born as a particular “something”. We all are humans first, and then anything and everything else.