Once upon a time, 
I played with Barbie 
Cause it was fun. 
My father entered, 
and then the red marks 
on my skin are a 
symbol of toxic masculinity. 

Once upon a time,
A rowdy boy walks in, 
he makes fun of my 
body language and 
hammers my self esteem. 
I wipe tears with 
my courageous fingers
and I walk away, 
with my head down 
and slouched shoulders,
burdened with humiliation. 

Once upon a time, 
I prayed to god, 
to forgive my sins
so I can feel love. 
And, in a world so 
cruel loving is no 
less than a sin. 

Once upon a time, 
I was walking through
a lone street and 
my classmates came 
and dragged my 
pants down.
I shut my mouth 
And howled 
like a wounded wolf. 

Once upon a time, 
I opened up to amma, 
I said I am in love with
my bestfriend and 
he loves me, too. 
I was hoping for acceptance
But I received backlash. 
I lost a piece of my heart, 
My mother doesn’t talk to me. 
She thinks I am a sinner, 
I must be.

She planned dates for me, 
she waited to let the phase fade. 
But it wasn’t the phase, 
It was me. 

I am the way I am. 
I love the way 
I was meant to. 

I married the guy I loved. 
A religious mob came 
to stain our pious love. 
We ran, as fast as we could. 
But, they chased us 
and blotched our forever 
with our blood. 

Once upon a time, 
I tried to live, 
But society failed me. 

By Heer