Lost Love

By Oshwin Vishwakarma

I loved him forever, life felt complete. 

Soon the world came to know about this feeling.

I ran towards him and asked him.

He seemed to be calm and least interested.

I felt like the world is towards its end.

The way I loved him, will I be loving someone the same?

I always heard how powerful the magic of love is.

But this magic wasn’t working on my Love.

I wanted to touch him, feel him, kiss him, all this was just a dream and it was a dream forever.

I was broken hardly from inside, wished to cry on his shoulder.

In the war of self-respect and love.

I fought against my self-respect because I knew my love was powerful and it will win.

I met him for the last time, in a very personal environment.

Expecting everything to be sorted. 

Either to be Love or Lost Love.