Quarantined Beings

By Tanya George

Picture Credit : Unknown

Sitting by the window I reminisced sometimes,

Little did I know that there come a time,

When I would be counting days like dimes.

Waiting for it to pass is indeed a pain,

But that’s what we humans do,

Think only for ourselves and what we can gain.

Again while I sat by the window,

reminiscing the old days,

Some chirping caught my attention,

And I saw a bird rejoicing unlike any other way.

Though the tiny creature was afar,

Glared a sense of joy out of him,

And his glow was as bright as a star.

I closed my eyes to hear him sing,

That’s when the thought crossed my mind,

We humans forget they, too, are living things.

I looked up the sky and found many more like him,

Felt peace in that moment

And in a instant I was glad that humans

Are finally paying for their own sin.