– Archa (IG: @goddessiangaygirl)

It is a dark room

With no windows or doors;

The clock moves its hands

But life is still & stagnant.

I miss her, the fragrance

Of her skin, her aroma –

Oh I wish she was here

Hugging me with care!

Months, it has been months,

She hardly contacts me;

Still will remember her for ages –

Her smile on my memory’s pages.

Lost in depressed air,

Fighting dead battles:

Craving for her in my room,

A desire to feel her soon!

In a movie, when people kiss,

I feel “Am drying up, I need you”

The virtual world has taken life:

Nothing is real anymore, right?

Night or day

Day or night

Everything is the same

Does she ever call out my name?

Our moans clear like a starry sky

Distance has made connections die.

Counting days

Tick tocks time

The locked doors

The locked windows

Only death tolls at rise

No escape, or sweet surprise.

– Archa