THE TEEN TRIBUNE : Weeklee, Wokelee, Yours Trulee

Did you know that the demographic that proudly proclaims itself as ‘teenagers’ constitutes a hefty fifth of our country’s population? However, our representation in popular and broadcast media is dismal at its best. It isn’t easy being labeled ‘difficult, complex, and kind of scary’ by the world when nobody really tries to listen anyway. This is why we decided to create a platform that allows these majestic misunderstood creatures, better known as teens, to express themselves in a way any adult would. 

The Teen Tribune is a weekly newspaper that serves as an adolescent coffee accompaniment( or Bournvita milk, I know coffee isn’t really the #1 parent choice) to talk about anything and everything, unfiltered and unapologetic. In our weeklee e-newspaper, we discuss current affairs, finance, science & technology, fashion, food, fitness, and basically anything that’s happening today and needs our attention. We even have columns for anonymous advice by our resident ‘Nextpert: Not an expert but the next best thing!’ and our in-house corporate wiz ‘Miss Futuristic: Adulting the real way!’ We also feature new initiatives, teens may be part of along with their creative endeavors like art, articles, songs, and dance. Oh and if you think that’s not much, we even have a Youtube channel, Instagram Live Series, and podcast to shed light on some very thought-provoking issues like gender stereotypes, homosexuality, sexual abuse, and more. Teenage life isn’t linear and neither is the world we live in. The youth needs to take charge of the fact that it’s the future at stake. Our responsibility starts now. 

To be a part of the movement to empower adolescents globally, make sure to read our multifaceted e-paper on and check out our Instagram too (  for some relatable, creative, and hilarious content, straight from the heart, generated by a 70 member strong team. Teen or parent, everyone needs a load of the complex world through simpler, unafraid eyes.  

Contact us – [email protected] or Whatsapp us on 9731266644 (Rysha)