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Know Your AIQA- Mr. P

by P

I’m a 20 year old gay guy from Delhi, closeted. Out to my sibling and a few friends.

Hello. I’m a 20 year old guy from Delhi and I’m gay. I don’t want to tell my story depicting myself as a queer individual who has suffered or struggled a lot, but rather as a story where I unearth carefreeness and joy. It was the 7th grade when I developed a crush on a guy friend, which made me curious about guys. Gradually I started liking guys in a not so friendly way which made me question my sexuality. It took me a difficult 7 years to fully accept this fact after which I finally came out to my best friend. As anyone would have been, she was shocked but understanding. Even though I’m not entirely out, but how much ever confidence I gained to come out to my other friends, is because of her. 

And when a few of your friends know and you’re comfortable around them, you feel so light and happy. When they joke about it, tease you and pair you up with random “potential guys” you finally feel free, and this feeling that you’ve been away from all your life, is literally out of the world. I’d recommend all of you closeted people to take it slow, there’s no need to rush but have atleast one person by your side. Come out to your best friend, sibling, cousin, whoever you think will understand and then see the change in you. Happy Queerness to all of youuu️‍

The only reason I became a part of AIQA is to contribute towards the LGTBQ+ community, in whichever way I can. To let go of my fear and talk to more people of my community and help them live a happy little life. And to finally not let our previous generation’s sacrifice go for nothing and to have a better future for us and the future generations to come, in this country! Amen.

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